About Mrs. Hoke

About Mrs. Hoke

IMG_2900Ginny Hoke has been teaching language arts for sixteen years. Born and raised in Bloomington, Indiana, she attended college at Indiana University and graduated in 1998 with her BS in secondary education, English; she went on to earn her masters degree in education from Pacific University in 2006. Ginny taught at Creswell High School for three years and spent one year teaching at Lebanon High School before spending six years teaching English and Holocaust Literature Thurston High School. Prior to her experience in Oregon, Ginny spent three years teaching middle school in Fishers, Indiana. Currently, Ginny lives in Eugene with her husband, Trevor, and daughters, Madeleine and Zoe. In addition to teaching, Ginny enjoys outdoor activities including camping, swimming, hiking, and white water rafting.

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    1. I love hiking nearby at Spencer’s Butte and Mount Pisgah. Although, my favorite places to hike a little further away are Mount Rainier (not up in the snow!) and Crater Lake.

  1. You have started a nice collection of memory’s. Do you keep all the blogs worth reading after your students go to eight grade?
    And I wish to know if there are any poetry slams happening here in Oregon soon. And you have helped me find a dream I wish to accomplish in the future. I want to make it on TED and be able to read my poetry to the world. Thank you!!

    1. I have no doubt that you will fly high reaching towards those dreams and far beyond. I do plan on keeping the blogs worth reading magazine – this being the first edition – for future students to enjoy. Tsunami Books hosts a monthly poetry slam for all ages; I think there is a small entry fee, but it offers you the chance to take your work to another stage. Let me know if you decide to perform- I’d love to be there!

  2. I never got that comment for ‘Speak’.
    I don’t know what the problem is.
    But Ill keep trying!
    Thank you for the comment even if I cant read it!

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